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Moving forward amid the Pandemic

Facing the fourth wave of the pandemic, we have been standing guard and kept praying for it. When the government decided to cancel the exemption religious places had enjoyed with immediate effect late on Tuesday night, we responded promptly and decided for all services to go online. Amid the severe pandemic, we follow God and continue to march on.

From the social movement last summer to the fourth wave of pandemic today, plus the difficult situation of the whole world, one might feel helpless to see the surging number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 every day. Nonetheless, our God is full of grace!

The 16th Leadership Institute Graduation Ceremony was held the weekend just gone, which was one week earlier than usual. It’s necessary for the ceremony to be held in physical forms to present certificate, carry out court exam and share testimony. Besides, relatives and friends of the graduates love to support them and present gifts in person. Together and joyfully, we give thanks to God. All of these would be almost impossible to actualize online. We are thankful for the many graduates this year and that the exemption ended only after the graduation ceremony.

We were planning to hold baptism every week in December and we have mobilized all MG leaders and co-workers to be hosts to welcome brothers and sisters coming to church – Kindness Everywhere every Sunday. In great joy and high hopes, we awaited great things to happen. Then we are to be back on online services for the coming two weeks. How we long to see people baptized in the name of Jesus and new friends hear the gospel, but we have met with hindrances.

Ever since Jesus walked the earth, bringing the Gospel to us, battles have never ceased. Our church has been doing mission work with great zeal and held two evangelistic services, where 48 and 19 people turned to Christ. Now we are facing battles. Many may wonder, what’s next? We are only to keep following God and trusting Him in faith because God can do His work even with online services. I believe that God will surely pave a way for us and expect that the number of people turning to Christ will increase.

I still remember a photo C-Mo and I took by a lake on a snowy mountain when we were in Europe last year. It was at dusk, cold, serene and full of God’s presence. When we went up, it was a bit perilous along the path. Yet the scenery was so captivating that we were drawn to go further. It’s just like the situation we are facing now – it’s not an easy path and actually a bit scary to tread on, but we know God is with us! Through His natural creation, He tells us that He rules over all and that time is in His hand.

Dear brothers and sisters, God is with us and leading us. As long as you are willing to follow Him, He will surely protect you. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in. Let us strengthen our faith and continue to walk together amid the pandemic. Though facing battles, we will keep sharing the gospel and lighting the lamp in Morning Devotion. We believe that God is in control and He will protect us.•[2020.12.06]

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