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Seeing God’s Hand

Thank God that the first week of the new Sower Gospel Service has already brought good news! Our brothers and sisters affectionately invited their friends and relatives to the service, and it was filled with God’s presence and joy. Some newcomers who were known to resist the gospel were also touched by the Holy Spirit and accepted the Lord and received salvation! May we see God’s hand leading the church amidst the pandemic, and enter into the new stage of big harvest.

While the Sower Gospel Service was beginning to enter full swing, there was the outbreak of the fourth wave of pandemic. The increasing number of confirmed cases and the political struggles among nations have affected Hong Kong’s economy severely. The government forecasts an economic recession of 6.1% this year. Facing all these adversities, how are we to follow God?

In recent Morning Devotions, God has led us to read Acts, which has given us much insight. In the early church, the disciples were persecuted greatly, but they spoke boldly in the Lord, and the word of God spread. The disciples were filled with joy, and this joy was a sign that they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s hand. Paul has seen the guidance of God’s hand, and he has been filled with joy despite all kinds of persecution. He could even raise the dead! Facing the severe winter, we should seek God’s hand even more earnestly and see the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Back on May 18, 2012, when we came back Hong Kong from a global prayer meeting in Indonesia, we saw the palm-shaped cloud in the sky. God was telling us that He was leading us with His hand. Through Morning Devotion and these astronomical phenomena, God has been giving us revelation about His presence, so that we may remember together how we experienced Him together, and our faith is thus strengthened.

For example, we have had the filming studio ready long before the pandemic, but we didn’t have the expertise to use it. Then God has brought us the right vessel and Wei Min and his wife joined our team of co-workers. When the pandemic came and all the physical gatherings were suspended, they led the whole media team to rapidly adopt a live broadcast method. They also shot Following God and other online programs, and sent our messages to every family and branch church, and even all over the world. God is real and everything has been prepared by His hand!

Facing the fourth wave of the pandemic, many people have safety concerns. But when we see that God’s hand is leading us, we are filled with peace and joy. Dear brothers and sisters, no matter how tough the circumstances are, let’s march on in faith, following God in severe winter, spreading the gospel and pastoring the flock, to finish the work that God has commended us. • [2020.11.29]

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