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Revival amidst Judgment

Recently all our church co-workers have completed a simple body check by an electronic scale linked to a mobile phone app, in which indices of body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, and so on are shown. Thank God that my overall score was 99.1, very close to the full mark. C-Mo and I went to the hospital this week to have a more detailed check-up and received favorable results. We are very happy and grateful for God’s care over us.

I have never ceased doing exercise since young. Turning 66 this year, I’m still very healthy, free from any pains. Thank God for giving me a healthy body so that I can press toward the goal of planting trees of life everywhere in 52 years for the Lord! Just like Moses, he went up Mount Sinai at the age of 80 and kept walking in the wilderness afterwards. At the age of 120, he made it to Mount Nebo, his eyes were not dim and with good hearing. He was truly healthy. May I urge all co-workers and brothers and sisters to do more physical exercises, stay fit so that we shall continue to be greatly used by God.

In the cell leader ordination last Sunday, 34 cell leaders were ordained. Despite the pandemic, they press on in discipleship, feeding their cell members online. This, I am greatly thankful. I am also thankful that the number of online viewers has not decreased with the resumption of physical service since the Feast of Tabernacles. Moreover, there were many new comers in each Sunday service who came forward to receive Christ after the testimony. Praise the Lord for adding to our number those who are being saved.

As our church is entering the third cycle, I see that God is leading us to fulfill the Great Commission: spreading the gospel and making disciples of all nations! Therefore we have decided in our curator staff’s meeting that we will have three waves of harvest action starting from the next week, encouraging all tribes and cell groups to bring their neighbors, friends and colleagues to the church and have them baptized at the end of this year.

Dear brothers and sisters, God is carrying out judgment and bringing forth revival over the world simultaneously. Revival comes amidst judgment. As prophesized in the book of Revelation, there will be tribulation at end times and the dark power of Satan will be judged by God. However, the Kingdom of God will never be shaken! As a church, we should not fear in shaking. We should know what God is doing. He is sovereign Lord and will surely keep us in peace.

Though we are facing difficulties such as the prevailing pandemic, enmity between China and the States, the economic downturn and the layoffs; we should keep looking to God, devote ourselves to the church and keep going forward in faith within the Body of Christ. We will surely experience signs and wonders and enter into revival.•[2020.11.15]

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