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This is the Day the Lord has Made

How thankful we are that Father God is orchestrating and leading us every single day, nothing happens as a total coincidence. Last Sunday, the 6th of September marked the 1000th week of our church service. On that very day, the commissioning ceremony of Kelly and Johnny to Tainan branch church took place. It signified that Tree of Life is to be planted everywhere and it was filled with God’s Glory. On that day – the day the Lord had made, I was prompted to sing out Psalm 113, a psalm of C-Mo and me. I am dust, growing up in ashes and yet God lifts me up. C-Mo is a barren woman who has become a happy mother of children. Indeed, we are to praise the Lord!

At the entrance of media center in Young Ya hangs a picture of “withered tree and winter snow” which we bought whilst pastoring a church in Vancouver. In the picture, there were pens without cattle or sheep, how gloomy. Psalm 113:3 was printed on the picture. The picture was very appealing to me and it also happened to speak of how C-Mo and I felt at the time – we were struggling and yet we shall praise the Lord, we would sit with princes and be happy mother of children. Even in distress, we are to praise the Lord. Looking back, I am greatly touched as I realize how God has been blessing us.

Time is in the hand of God. On Wednesday (9th Sept) morning devotion, we read Numbers chapter 10 which tells of how the Cloud of God was leading the Israelites to camp and journey in the wilderness. Actually, the same day thirteen years ago which was 2007, we also set out from North Point Pier. Over one thousand congregation members taking three ferries, crossing the Victoria harbor, came to Tsuen Wan where we possess the land and have camped in Wealthy Garden until now. Arriving at the hall of Wealthy Garden, I led the whole congregation to kneel down before God when we strongly sensed His Presence in silence. I am not suggesting that the church will relocate again but He is revealing to us that we shall surely walk through the pandemic, travelling from place to place.

Last Wednesday also marked the birthday of Pastor Ruby. As her father had fallen sick in Canada, we deemed it the right time for her to spend some time keeping her parents company. She flew to Canada on Wednesday night. We take that God is leading us, therefore, we believe this trip is of His good purpose.

Among the keys of following God, the first is to fixate and focus on the “Cloud” of God. The next in line is to observe His festivals, meeting Him three times a year. One more month, we will enter into the joyous celebration of the Feast of Tabernacle and the Day of Atonement shall precede that. Without repentance, we are unable to host God’s Presence. Therefore, we are to prepare our hearts in order to reflect ourselves and confess sins. It is to mark the beginning of the Jewish New Year and God is to tabernacle among us.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us prepare our hearts, we are to confess sins always as we follow God. For the coming three Sunday services, “repentance” will be our main theme. The deeper we go into repentance, the greater joy we shall find in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacle! May I urge everyone to get ready, humble ourselves and let the light of Father God shine on our darkness.•[2020.09.13]

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