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Always Look to God

As Christians, we are willing to follow and serve God. But how can we do this? We need faith, and should enter into the truth by faith. Truth is a realm where God’s word is three-dimensional. When we receive His word by faith and say “Amen” to what He says, we enter into the truth. Faith is vital. Faith is not only the confidence that “I believe in Jesus and I am saved”, but also a belief that God is a living God, that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, that He speaks to us, that He always lives, and that He works signs and wonders.

I often remind my co-workers and our brothers and sisters to always look upward. We should look to our heavenly Father in- and out-of-season, and in tough days and quiet days. I often ask a question in the curator staff meeting: “What is the Holy Spirit doing?” If God is moving, then we follow along. If not, then we wait. If God doesn’t speak, we carry on as usual, but if God is doing something, we have to follow Him quickly.

Like in 2001, God asked me to return to Hong Kong to establish a church. He spoke to me in an audible voice, which is one of the ways that I follow God. He told me that the vision of our church is Isaiah 61:1, so our church could be named “611 Bread of Life Christian Church” and then He gave us many confirmations on that.

Our heavenly Father also speaks to us through astronomical phenomena. As stated in the Bible, night unto night reveals knowledge. God speaks to us through nature. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard, and His word goes to the end of the world. This is another way that God speaks to me. In tough times, God had told us through three phenomena that we will have peace in Him.

At the end of April, a vertical bright cloud rested on the tip of a branch in my front yard, and a halo shone in my house. I knew that God had visited me. In June, at a curator staff meeting, C-Mo prayed, asking to see a rainbow. After that meeting, right before we got home, we saw a complete double rainbow. The ends of rainbows are usually not visible, but that day, both ends appeared before us! We could see the rainbow clearly, from its formation to its disappearance. At the meeting that day, we decided to make a big change among our co-workers, and the rainbow was a confirmation for that.

On the night of August 1, I took a photo with my mobile phone at the seaside. I later found out that night had a full moon (or “Sturgeon moon”), where Jupiter and Saturn were close to the moon. Even rarer was the appearance of a round rainbow that night. This scene lasted for only a few minutes, as it was very cloudy and there was a Typhoon Signal 3 at the time. It is all God’s grace that I could capture such a picture of such a rare and fleeting scene.

Looking back, we see that God has taken care of us in the Sunday services, bible school, and equipping courses in all branch churches throughout the pandemic period.God has brought our media team into place in a timely manner. With new media equipment, we have been able to broadcast Sunday services, bible school, and equipping courses to ten countries! Now, our church has ten thousand subscribers on Youtube. We have been developed into a media church. Though our onsite gatherings have been restricted, by God’s grace our online presence develops further and faster.

Dear brothers and sisters, though we are going through more and more difficulties in Hong Kong and across the globe, when we look to God in faith, His peace will surely be with us. We should not be afraid; we should go on to follow our vision.•[2020.08.09]

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