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Love and Relationship Across all Generations

There have been many barriers between our different generations. Together with our youth, we held the first “Three Generations’ Summit”. There was a great response, everyone opened up and communicated. With their tears and smiles, the barriers were broken. Below was thanksgiving from our youth co-worker Serena:

Having participated in the “Three Generations’ Summit,” several of my cell members received answers to their life questions. They enthusiastically describe themselves now as though they had breathed the atmosphere of freedom again. Everyone now desires to hear and receive more from the previous generation.

At the Family Breakfast Meeting last week, C-Mo asked me, “Do you feel that you are still suppressed now?” Thankfully, having breathed a little of the Fragrance of the Tree of Life, I have been renewed, getting better without putting in much effort. These changes in me brought changes to my cell members’ lives as well.

I am thankful that, in a recent Sunday service, my spiritual mother Hadassah and one of my spiritual daughters shared a testimony together. It had been such a hard time for my spiritual daughter, because in just one month, her mother was diagnosed with an end-stage cancer and then passed away. In her heart, she was harbouring many doubts toward God, yet she dared not to complain to God. Many of her emotions could not be released, she could not even cry. However, through a message and testimony at Friday Night, God completely released her from her long-time feeling of suppression, and also healed her pain of losing her mother.

Another of my cell members who has been in the church for more than ten years, had in the past rarely expressed her emotions – but during one sermon, she was awakened by God. Suddenly, at home and at cell group, she was able to cry her long-suppressed tears, as she realized how precious all her in-church experiences have been. She felt she was suddenly able to build relationship and connections with the older generation. It was God’s grace, accepting all of her poor attributes.

It is awesome to be in the 611 Family and to be discipled. Pastor and C-Mo never give up, standing by my side no matter what happens, leading me to see the Heavenly Father’s will and to live freely by following God, step by step. We are thankful for this continuous flow of vitality, flowing from top to bottom and generation to generation, so that all generations experience it together. How beautiful this picture is.

I am grateful that I can be a happy mother staying home during this pandemic, able to see my children no longer suppressing themselves, and able to see their lives being set free!•[2020.08.02]