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Paul the Musical: Seeing the Risen Lord

The large-scale musical, Paul, due to the pandemic, was only broadcast in the Resurrection Sunday Service on 12 April.

However, this was the very first drama played together by 611 co-workers and Bible School students. By God’s gracious light, Paul saw Jesus was the risen Lord and understood he was a sinner. With sin confession and repentance before God, Paul was renewed and used greatly by God. Likewise seeing our experiences, there are countless testimonies in 611 in which we may see the risen Lord. During this time of pandemic, the co-worker couple from the Media Department, who have been greatly used by God, Weimin and Jolyn, had their lives turned around from their sins, and their couple’s relationship resurrected! With their testimonies and worship, the two of them gave glory to God and gave thanks for all the works done by the risen Lord.•[2020.04.19]

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