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Creative celebration of Purim: Telling the story through picture books!

This year marked our first live broadcast of our Purim celebration – and unlike past years where we held musicals, we presented this creative picture book for the “Book of Esther”!

The contents of the picture book were unfolded and animated page by page on screen, Pastor Grace narrated the story and sang the songs! Supplemented with stage lighting, music, and the creative elements of puppet and shadow play, audiences were taken into the Bible story of “Esther” wholeheartedly, to taste the fear and sorr ow of adversity, and to taste the joy and happiness of turning defeat into victory!

After Pastor Anna’s message, two male co-workers publicly shared their testimonies about their weaknesses, pride and self-righteousness, rebellion and refusal to listen. Having deeply confessed their sins, they felt God’s love, being set free and having triumph over restraints!

Later, Pastor Joshua led the male MG leaders and coworkers to confess sins and kneel down to pray in tears before God. Having confessed sins and taken communion together, all of us sang the triumphant songs with the worship team to praise God loudly, proclaiming the great victory Christ has won! The presence of God was so great and everyone was extremely encouraged!•[2020.03.22]


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