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Jelly Man Turns Defeat into Victory

Pastor and I, feeling that the soil of our culture is so barren, have devoted ourselves to publication and education. Because of the unrestricted power of picture books, we have decided to publish our very first picture book Esther to celebrate Purim this year. Ivan Ko, our illustrator, used to be like a Jelly Man, weak and powerless. He could never meet assignment deadlines, making his wife feel frustrated and helpless. This time, he has changed tremendously. Even his wife praised him unceasingly:

“Esther” is a story about turning defeat into victory. As it happens, I am a man of low self-esteem. In the past, in the marketplace, I was not valued or recognized. I failed in both running my own business and in pleasing my wife. To me, finishing this picture book in just one month has absolutely been a miracle of turning defeat into victory. After becoming a co-worker, my designs were loved by all, but my creative speed was like a snail. I tried to design a calendar, but the design took me many months. When I buried my head in work, I did not care about the needs of my family or wife. This made my wife feel mistreated and angry. I was also frustrated at this kind of relationship.

I thank Pastor and C-Mo for their continuous trust, acceptance, and embrace; they let me have a chance to participate in the creation of this picture book. When I received the assignment to illustrate this picture book, I was so happy and motivated to do well. I was a changed man already! I was amazed at such a change in myself! First, I asked my wife and authority to pray for me. God kept directly downloading one picture after another to me. The progress was far beyond my expectation, and I felt really good.

My wife continuously reminded me to be strong and not to quit. She also prayed for me unceasingly. I started to change by following my authority’s adjustments; I submitted assignments every week and learned to communicate with my authority fearlessly. During the busy period, when work was very urgent, I took initiative one evening to lay down this urgent work. I accompanied my wife to have dinner and go home – what a surprise to her! I was also willing to accept my wife’s suggestions, and those pictures designed by both of us together were extremely special!

My experience was like what is mentioned in the book, “The Angel Inside”. Originally, I was just an inconspicuous stone. Even though I was chosen, I was still suppressed out of low self-esteem and fear. Through both the love of authority and the continuous, persistent clashing from my wife, I, this useless stone, could even be molded and used by God.” Further reading: Embrace clashes painting a victorious life / Ivan Ko

As Ivan Ko prioritized his relationships correctly and was immersed in the atmosphere of the Tree of Life, he embraced his wife’s help and boldly communicated with his authority. Naturally, the result was “more with less;” this is turning defeat into victory!•

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