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40-days Fasting and Prayer Receive the anointing of “turning defeat into victory”

Praise the Lord! Last Tuesday night (10/3), the Monthly Prayer Meeting combined with the 40th night of fasting and prayer went live. It began with on-fire worship, followed by us receiving the anointing of turning defeat into victory and continuous prayer for the nations as well as thanksgiving for the church to stand firm amid the epidemic. Quoting, “One man repents, whole family delivered; one church repents, an army of revival arises”, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo urged brothers and sisters to arise, humble ourselves and yearn for God as we prepare our hearts to go into sin confession during upcoming Purim services. The meeting concluded with Pastor Deborah prophesying and declaring that the anointing of turning defeat into victory and abundant provision shall come mightily upon Hong Kong.

Through 40-day fasting and prayer, God expands our spiritual capacity, readying 611 to be a watchman of the nations. We were urged to conduct fasting and prayer by the prophet earlier in the year. The 40-day fasting and prayer from 31st January to 10th March was planned merely to watch and pray over the epidemic. We were aware that 10th March would be the first day of Purim. Little did we know that 10th March also marked the first news coverage of SARS back in 2003 and the 100th day of COVID-19 this year. All these coincidences tell us that God is at work and everything is at His disposal. During the fasting period, daily prayer was provided for brothers and sisters to pray at home, igniting the fire of prayer all over 18 districts in Hong Kong. The prayer was even translated English for all nations and branch churches to pray together. Hallelujah! Gradually, the epidemic in Hong Kong is being contained. Yet we shall continue to pray, partnering with God in watching over the whole earth.•[2020.03.15]


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