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Humbly Pray and Seek God

From recent news, we learn that the COVID-19 is coming under control in China as the daily number of newly-confirmed cases within China is going down. Yet looking around the other nations, outbreaks happened on the “Diamond Princess” cruise which had docked in Japan, and also took place in South Korea, Italy and Iran. It looks like the epidemic is spreading globally, which is highly worrying.

In these days of the whole earth suffering: surely it is time for us, the Church and the priests, to lead the people to humbly pray and seek God.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Ch 7:14)

Spiritually speaking, the novel pneumonia is ravaging the whole earth because the earth we rely on is sick, affected by a novel pneumonia! This is due to our sins, therefore we must humbly repent and seek God, and turn from our wicked ways.

The Amazonia, the lung of the earth, has been suffering from destruction year after year and it has been shrinking. Due to greed and ignorance, man cuts down the forest as he likes, looting and robbing without any restraint; his eyes set only on easy gain and success, selfish through and through. Moreover, carbon dioxide has been released wantonly, causing increases in the temperature of the north and south poles, holes in the ozone layer, and exacerbation of extreme weather. In turn, super typhoons, bush fires, floods, locust plagues, pandemics, etc. – all these things happen! It is more appropriate to call these events man-made calamities, rather than natural disasters. All these are the results of man’s sinful nature and evil conduct. To us, the land is merely a tool at our disposal to make money and merchandise. This is our wicked way. Even in the physical realm, it is inevitable that natur e will backfire on us.

The distress that the whole earth is in, serves as a reminder and warning from God to us: Man must turn back to Him and no longer hurt the earth! Instead, man must fulfill his duties in ruling over the earth, loving God, people and the earth. Thankfully, our God is merciful and kind. Even though the whole land is in darkness, through Psalm 20 in the beginning of this year to now, Father God keeps telling the church: He sees, He is present, He provides, and He protects. Therefore, we panic not. Instead, we must have faith as well as reasoning, and keep going forward.

The epidemic does not seem to be stopping soon. The hardship of economic recession and layoffs will come soon. May we care for and watch over each other, give mutual support and attention to brothers and sisters around us, and sail through this difficult time together.

We must continue to pray not only for personal peace but also for our neighbor, for Hong Kong, and for the whole earth. As we shoulder the priestly responsibilities, exercise our vitality and lead the whole earth back to God, He shall surely heal our land, and the epidemic shall pass by, and the peace of Jerusalem shall surely come into our midst.•[2020.03.01]

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