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The Just Shall Live by His Faith

The Novel Coronavirus, which is more contagious than (with more confirmed cases than) SARS is spreading worldwide. During a forum held in Geneva early this week, World Health Organization (WHO) asked countries to consider the virus as “public enemy number one” and combat it with joint full force.

Facing the threat of this epidemic: on one hand, we believe in the protection of heavenly Father; in the meantime, we prevent the spreading of the virus in crowded situations. After discussing with the curator staff this week, we tighten controls further.  From 15th Feb 2020, all church venues are closed temporarily.  Church morning devotion and worship services will be broadcast online so that members may participate at home.  Children and elderly services, New Wine service and Hallelujah service are all suspended temporarily.

Regarding cell groups, it is recommended to hold cell group on line. Last Monday, C-Mo and I stayed at home and had gathering with MG leaders via a video app. Even though it was not as good as face to face meeting, we still did our best and delivered discipleship as best as possible. In such a difficult time as this, we must be patient and follow in faith.  When we do not see each other much in person, cell leader plays a greater role in caring for his sheep, through sharing Word of God on smartphone to feed cell members and encourage them to share among themselves.

It is “Seeing 2020,” and I certainly see that God continues to lead us forward through revelations. Last Wednesday (February 5), I was suddenly prompted to gather the 611 branch churches to pray for the epidemic together at Sunday Service. Inquiring of the media staff, I was amazed to find out that live broadcast equipment had just arrived: what a perfect timing of God’s provision! During the main services last week (Feb 8-9), 31 branch churches of 11 countries successfully connected with us in live broadcast. The Mercy Seat was constructed six years ago – and now this is the first live broadcast in 611 history! Given only three days to prepare, the success of it was certainly a great miracle.

The Service reached its climax when worldwide 611 members knelt down together to enter the truth of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Representing the whole earth, we humbled ourselves before God, confessed our sins and pleaded with God to forgive our sins and heal the land. Afterwards, branch church representatives recalled this experience was like travelling through time and space: joining us as One Body to seek God and sensing deeply the presence of God who heard our cry! Moreover, I am convinced that God was pleased with us and with our branch churches who responded to Him with genuine faith, becoming the channel for His grace to come on the land. How grateful I am that our church is greatly used by God.

God’s Hands are beautifully leading us. This Tuesday we read on the book of “Habakkuk” again during morning devotion. Through the disaster faced by Judah, God told us that “the just shall live by his faith.” Dear brothers and sisters: even though we are facing a severe epidemic, despitetheoutward circumstances, we are to keep trusting in God. He will surely care for us, protect us, and bring revival in the end.•[2020.02.16]

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