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Sight Restored in “Seeing 2020”

On the New Year eve just passed, joined by all MG leaders, we had a retreat on the cruise and celebrated New Year in the strong presence of God. That night, we dined at the restaurant on the deck and the vibe was great. We chose red, white and black as our dress code which happened to be the color tone of the restaurant. On New Year’s Day, we danced and played games on the deck, fully enjoying ourselves. Looking up to the blue sky of clouds, we saw God’s acceptance of us, just like the favor bestowed us from heavenly Father. In His riches, the team starts to gel. The work God is doing on our disciples shows us that He is using C-Mo and me to be “life sculptors”.
Coming back to Hong Kong, I concentrated on preparing the Sunday’s message. In the past, I have been preaching on a Psalm for the first Sunday every year and naming that year with the title of the sermon. Recently, I have heard that in doing so, interests are aroused from both Chinese and overseas non-Chinese churches. Surely, God is with us and He is using my mouth to preach His messages and bringing them to pass Himself.
But it was only until Saturday early morning that God told me it would be “Seeing 2020”. Then, C-Mo and I delivered the message on four consecutive worship services. Coming down from the stage at the end, we were happy and content just like after delivering a baby. God has opened our eyes and given us the vision of cultural transformation. We preached it and our brothers and sisters were deeply moved. Now they also receive the vision and are willing to follow. The Church must take back this lost part of God’s kingdom!
In the following Monday, due to right eye infection, I went to see an ophthalmologist who diagnosed me with left macular degeneration. Promptly a retinal repair surgery was arranged. Two of my co-workers, Ruby and Crystal, whose eyes had been in good condition, were suffering from conjunctivitis and infection respectively. Hence they consulted ophthalmologist with me. This coincidence of our eye ailment has confirmed again the message of “seeing” in 2020 and the vision to transform culture.
By God’s Grace, through the timely help of the ophthalmologist, my eyesight is restored so that I can see what God sees in the positive light. We need to fight and pray and what’s more, we must protect our eyesight and know that He “sees” us.
Dear brothers and sisters, 2019 has passed but left us with many aftereffects. In the New Year, as promised in Psalm 20, God will surely answer us when we call. Yet it is also “the day of trouble”. Let us stay alert, arise, wage war and pray! As we continue to be steadfast in faith, God’s people shall walk on broad path and be lifted up. He will fulfill all our purposes. He will certainly save us, making us unreachable to the enemy.•[2020.01.12]

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