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The “two as one” Spiritual Sculptor

While Pastor Joshua and I were in Europe, from the life of Michelangelo we received an extremely important message. It was not only God approving our discipleship of 18 years, but also His encouragement to us through the title of “life sculptor”, a sign of the significance of shaping the life of disciples. Hence our disciples of all generations shall arise to be life sculptor of others. Amazingly, it was the couple, Michel and Angela who accompanied us to Europe. God was reminding us that the Michelangelo was a sculptor by himself on earth. However, the spiritual life sculptor is two becoming one, a couple.

The glorious church begins with couples. We are deeply aware that as we save and raise up a couple, we are actually raising up a family and a church. After the Europe trip, co-worker couples’ camp was on. Due to a close relationship with them, we were able to speak boldly into their lives, help them to adjust their mutual relationship, and the result was largely fruitful. Surely, it was an upgrade in terms of intensity and influence.

During Thursday Family Breakfast Meeting, the participating couples went on stage hand in hand giving thanks. A wife who used to be bitter and angry thanked her husband. A well-known emotionally impaired and inexpressive husband was able to articulate his feelings that day. While a couple described their relationship as a dinosaur and an ant, another depicted themselves as the red (anger) matching purple (fear), still another pictured themselves as a bomb and a glass bottle – one is explosive while the other is fragile. Yet after the couples camp, they become a cheerleader for one another, spurring each other on! Now, they are able to have a healthy argument as they are secure with each other.

Among the participants, there were two gifted couples. The two husbands were like “brothers of adversity”. Their marriages were hard but God brought them to 611 at the same time. In the atmosphere of ONEBODY and under the Tree of Life they receive nourishment and discipleship. Their past mode of ministry is transformed. Now, they are serving happily and joyfully.

These life stories of broken being made whole again are truly promising. Then God gave me a new idea – in 2020, we shall hold a special version of “Michelangelo” couples camp where we as a couple, one in heart, help the first generation disciples to curate the second-generation disciples. Welcoming the New Year, let us look forward to beholding God doing new things and great things!•

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