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Expository Preaching Class Correctly Handling the Word of Truth

Praise the Lord! Last week (29 Oct–2 Nov), Pastor Joshua taught yearly “Expository Preaching” Course in the day-time Bible School. In total, 200 people, including pastors from Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau and New Zealand etc., and the Bible School students participated.

From the sentence structure of the original text, with both Chinese and English Bible, Pastor Joshua led the students to do sentence flow which facilitates comprehension of the scriptures. Pastor Joshua reiterated the importance of doing sentence flow in exegesis which is to preach the truth of God. Preachers are not to say whatever in their hearts and then cherry-pick Scriptures to support their ideas. Moreover, the preacher’s life keeps growing. In the past, he was quoting others’ stories, as his life matures, he shall share his own experience and thus liven up his preaching.

Through this week’s learning, everyone yearns to be able to correctly handle the word of truth so that our preaching shall be pleasing to God and we may stand as workers who do not need to be ashamed!•[2019.11.10]


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