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Building a Mighty People

Two weeks after the “Wedding of the Lamb” service, I am still grateful; I am still finding the whole thing incredible and sensational beyond words. Combining celebration of Sukkot with the Wedding of the Lamb and Sunday service was challenging. During the services, we were to declare the mystery between Christ and His bride. Moreover, we proclaimed it to be coming true shortly and surely, revealing God’s will in the husband-and-wife relationship as well as in the altitude of worship. Looking back, it’s almost impossible to replicate a service with such richness!

The “Wedding of the Lamb” services were to show that Church in eternity is full of power, leading all people to Christ and she herself shall be joined with Christ. The Church is the body and bride of Christ. I believe that brothers and sisters will be different after participating in this service – the height and depth of their views on the church and faith in Christ will be elevated greatly.

Right after that, last Sunday marked the Commissioning Ceremony for Senior Pastor Adino to “New Crop 611,” as well as my 65th birthday. God is working swiftly among us – both the “Wedding of the Lamb” and the sending-off were His leading toward fulfilling the vision of “Plant Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years”. Finally, it is time for Adino who has been with me for 30 years to rise up and soar on wings like the eagles. I am grateful for him and his whole team. There were over 50 people from the “New Crop 611” congregation (excluding those sitting at the main hall of the first floor), taking part at the commissioning ceremony at the Mercy Seat. Therefore, I strongly believe that “New Crop 611” shall grow at an amazing rate.

That night, during the birthday party held by my disciples and all coworkers, a group of young co-workers sang this:

I am building up a mighty people, a people full of praise
They shall move to and fro in this land, glorifying My precious Name
O Lord, Arise! Build up Your church, strengthen us
We are of one body, in the kingdom of Your Beloved Son.

It was one of my favorite worship songs when I was still pastoring the church in Vancouver. At that time, I was full of expectations but had no supernatural experiences. Today, the next generation is singing what has become reality. As led by God, the content of the song has been actualized and passed on to the next generation. I was deeply moved.

Dear brothers and sisters, God is faithful. Whatever measure we use on God, He shall use even greater measure on us. Indeed, God is using enormous measure beyond our imagination on us, including revelations, gifted people and even resources. When we focus on God, He will take care of us with His mighty hand. Though we face difficulty in Hong Kong, we will follow God with joy and keep responding to Him with our lives to manifest His glory!• [2019.11.03]