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Welcoming Feast of Tabernacles in Peace

On October 1, simultaneous demonstrations were held in multiple districts of Hong Kong. News and media speculated major confrontations to happen, making it out to be a crucial moment for Hong Kong. That day, I was in All Nations Convocation Jerusalem. Around 9:30am local time which was 2:30pm in Hong Kong, when protests began, I was leading pastors and elders as well as the congregation in Jerusalem to pray for the peace of Hong Kong. As we prayed, my worries that had lingered for days turned into peace and quiet, believing God has indeed granted us His peace.

Right after the sharing at the Convocation, I rushed to the airport. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, I was extremely shocked and saddened hearing the news of a secondary school student being shot. Thankfully, the student’s condition stabilized. Thank God for keeping and saving the young man’s life. Currently Hong Kong is in peril, desperately calling for God’s intervention to take away anger, hatred and fear in man. May God give us His peace and heal the broken-hearted.

Last September, a super typhoon hit Hong Kong while the church was preparing for the beach baptism. As I happened to be at the Convocation, I prayed with elders of nations for the baptism. God gave us His peace and guidance and brought forth eight sessions of baptism for 852 people. Later on, I shared the amazing work of God with the elders and they were largely amazed. The fact is, I had a dream before that: God told me that the Feast of Ingathering (harvest) was Feast of Tabernacles. We prayed and God changed the venue of baptism. He answered our prayers His way.

In 2014, just before “Occupy Central” took place, we were also praying for Hong Kong in Jerusalem. In haste I decided to leave early and return to Hong Kong on September 30. Unexpectedly, our beloved dog Kindness passed away that same night, but I was blessed to take him to the hospital myself and walk with him the last steps of our journey. Truly, it was the wonderful and kind leading of God.

For the past eleven years, God has given me chances to join the Convocation so that I may testify and bless nations through “611” testimonies, as well as build good relationship with the elders. God chooses and uses Hong Kong and 611. Moreover, He enables me to serve with Pastor Nathaniel Chow – our two generations joining hands. God is raising us up to go to the nations, to serve them and to influence the Islamic world in the Middle East. Through this platform, I believe God is preparing us the path for planting trees of life in 52 years.

Three times a year including the Feast of Tabernacles, the Israelites shall appear before God. We are thankful that God prompted us to observe biblical festivals. In the past, we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles with musicals. This year, we will hold Marriage of the Lamb to proclaim and declare the second coming of the Lord. There will be six weddings held in the services, and 15 couples remaking marriage vows. May all our brothers and sisters engage and involve fully, as a bride herself adorned in holiness, and as virgins with the oil ready. During the worship at the Marriage of the Lamb, we are to enter into this truth, welcoming His second coming. Up to this point, my heart is full of joy and in faith that this is going to be a very special Feast of Tabernacles service. • [2019.10.16]