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“Era of Youth Evangelism” Begins!

I am thankful to God that right after attending the 65th anniversary celebration of “Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei”, C-Mo and I announced at our Saturday service the official launch of the “Era of Youth Evangelism!” Through the next services, the presence of God was strong, as He led us through each session.

Before the preaching, the young co-workers, through classic songs of different times, looked back at how God had been leading us through different phases – North-Point Pier era, Chinese restaurant era, and then possessing land in Tsuen Wan. This year, as Hong Kong is going through its most turbulent time in history, our youth choose to voice out their heart in music, praying earnestly and crying out to God in song: the prelude of youth evangelism.

Following that, Pastor Adino joined by his disciple Asaph, and Asaph’s cell member Johnson, preached and shared their life transformation stories: testifying that God is real! Deeply touched, I recall how God brought me back to Hong Kong. Not only did He save my life, He also enabled me to disciple the next generation and to pass on God’s saving grace to the generations.

Johnson was saved by God, and healed from the hurt of his broken family. From a Band 3 secondary student, to graduation from university with first-class honors, he receives all kinds of musical and artistic gifts so that he may lead worship in the international platforms. All these are the Amazing Grace of our heavenly Father.

Now is the time for the youth to take the stage. In the turmoil brought on by the “anti-Extradition Bill,” young people yearn to influence Hong Kong through their lives and have a say about Hong Kong’s future – the passion of a young life. God has revealed to us that our church must raise up a young generation who preach the message of life, exercise their influence, and win over the youth of this generation.

After discussing with the curator staff, we have decided that from the end of September to December this year, young people shall shoulder the Sunday services and marshal the church into the “Era of Youth Evangelism”. During the main services and “Friday Night,” they shall speak out to the society and evangelize to young people through dramas, music, testimonies, and messages. Moreover, we encourage tribes and cell groups to get into the flow of evangelism: to seize the opportunity to invite new friends to church, where they shall turn to the Lord and know God. How I eagerly look forward to beholding the great work of God among us!

Dear brothers and sisters, our God rules over history and He cares about the future of Hong Kong. Therefore, in faith we offer ourselves and take God as God. Surely, He will use us, especially you, who are of the young generation, to respond to the call of the “Era of Youth Evangelism,” and be the precious vessels to revive Hong Kong and transform the new generation. • [2019.09.29]