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The Blessing of Blessings

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (September 17-18), joined by our team, C-Mo and I attended the pastors’ meeting held by “BOL Global Apostolic Network”, exchanging with more than six hundred pastors from different regions. We shared on “Couple as One ~ Make Our Home Great”. Through messages and testimonies, we highlighted the great influence of couple forgiving one another and building relationship. Thank God for using our marriage ministry and discipleship to bless the Bread of Life family.

We spent the next few days celebrating 65th anniversary of our mother church, “Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei”. Truly thrilled, we offered thanksgiving to Father God for His continuous wonderful leading in the Bread of Life family.

The Bread of Life family of our mother church in Taipei is growing rapidly, leading 530 branch churches of 45 countries at the present and planting 186 new churches in the past five years. Deeply moved to see that churches are planting branch churches everywhere with one heart, I strongly believe that God will keep on using Bread of Life churches mightily in the future. And within the Bread of Life family, God has chosen “611”, raising us up and granting us the vision of “52 Years Planting Trees of Life Everywhere” which is in step with the development of the whole Bread of Life family. It is indeed the blessing of blessings to be chosen and used by God.

Having Hong Kong in mind, it is my firm belief that God is blessing this city through our church. Earlier this month, church staff confessed sins and prayed for Hong Kong for three consecutive days. After that, during the Monthly Prayer Meeting, church members who had engaged in protest reconciled with those working in the government, proclaiming the restoration of relationships. Surely, breakthrough shall come to the present social deadlock and pave the way for peace to return to Hong Kong.

Though Hong Kong is still in unrest, the society and media are already reflecting on the impact of protest in violence, therefore, I believe that the turbulence will cease shortly. Let us keep praying for God to calm the storm.

As of our church internally, I am grateful that the two generations may walk together with one heart! In the turmoil brought by “anti-Extradition Bill”, even though our church members hold various views, they demonstrate mutual respect. Hence our church is neither split nor polarized. I am deeply thankful to God for this as well as largely proud of the youth of our church.

As mentioned in the sermon last Sunday, God is in control of history and He will use us to change history. Dear brothers and sisters, We are the Key! We are chosen by God to be the key to change history. We should keep praying in faith. May God revive His Church, bringing down His Kingdom to transform the world and bring peace.• [2019.09.22]