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Steadfastly Wait on God

In the present predicament of Hong Kong, we shall continue to steadfastly wait on God. To wait on God is to bind ourselves with Him, look to Him in faith and follow Him despite any political and economic difficulties.

The Bible teaches us to respect every life, to preach about peace and not violence, to submit to authority, and to intercede for all men and pray for kings. This is our immutable stance. To steadfastly wait on God is to ignore the physical storms but instead look to God alone and march on in faith. By His miracles, He shall surely help and deliver us.

For the past 18 years, God has never forsaken us, instead He showered us with great grace. From North Point Pier to Tsuen Wan, we have been through many ups and downs and even under the attack of rumors and slanders. However, God has been with us through it all.

We are deeply grateful that God has been leading us through all turbulences – from the “Occupy Central” in 2014 to the recent unrest brought by the anti-extradition bill. Invited to Israel in June this year, we came back with the revelations and blessings of the peace of Jerusalem. Then we were prompted to share the “Ten Commandments” over the Sunday preaching series. Following that, our tenth core value “Freedom Brings Self-control” was birthed. God shows us His presence in our midst so that we may stand firm in His Word.

Meanwhile, seeing the young people of our discipleship rising up and walking with us in one heart, we appreciate much of our quiver which is full of arrows. Then we shall not be ashamed but shall speak with our enemies in the gate! The hearts of the fathers shall be turned to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Recently, from the worship and dramas performed by the youth during Sunday services and Friday Night, it is evident that they are following God with their lives, rising up to preach about the heart of God. How great is the blessing of God over us!

Hong Kong is being greatly shaken by the young generation, yet the youth in our church are unswerving in the God’s Word and earnestly praying for the city. This is the fruit and passing on of discipleship of many years in our church. Furthermore, it is the grace and blessings of God to us.

The social system of Hong Kong is far from being perfect, but the overall social prosperity is not a given. The youth today is reaping the fruits of efforts from the previous generation, but have not made the sweat and toil as their ancestors did. After the storm and taking in everything, the youth shall reflect on the whole issue. The new generation who has gone through the matter shall be more mature and wiser. It is such a precious journey for everyone to grow in faith.

Brothers and sisters, when we choose God and have experienced how He leads us and protects us, we will definitely taste the sweetness of following Him in faith. We must seize the opportunity to hold on to the words and teachings of God in this unique time and circumstance to receive God’s promise to Hong Kong..• [2019.09.08]