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Just Bless

We must keep praying earnestly for the peace of Hong Kong! It is most heart-breaking to see our beloved city intertwined with hatred and violence. Hong Kong needs the mercy of our Father, constructive voices and surely the message of Truth.

Last Sunday (August 25) evening, the protest in Kwai Tsing and Tsuen Wan evolved into a fierce clash. A police officer fired a warning shot into the air during chaos. It was the first bullet shot since the outbreak of protests against the Extradition Bill. Alas.

Following this event, it is more and more obvious that the way of reporting and commenting of various media becomes “stance-based”. Those inclined to the protesters emphasize more the details and pictures showing the use of force by the police, whereas those against the protesters focus more on the details and scenes showing their use of violence. This trend is worrying.

In a torn-apart society, it is increasingly difficult to get “impartial, fair and balanced” news reporting. In addition, with the emergence of social media, the speedy widespread of intentionally partial reports and confusing “truth” leads people further away from the truth. It has only helped reinforce the existing standpoint and added hatred and violence on top.

Brothers and sisters, in the face of social deadlock and amid confusing messages, may the Lord give us the wisdom to discern and compare in an all-rounded way so as to receive relatively “impartial, fair and balanced” news reports. We should admit that what we have got is just a part, rather than the whole of the story. We should not forward in haste the “news” received in social media so as to avoid debates over issues on “truth”, such as who is more violent than the other. We have the tendency to be self-righteous and debates lead only to disputes. We should admit that we get agitated easily by violent and bloody scenes and make emotional reactions and judgment. We need to exercise control over our emotions and anger. Besides, we should readily send out messages of tolerance, understanding, faith and hope. We should teach with the Truth of Jesus and have positive words in our mouth. Bless and do not curse.

As followers of Christ in the New Testament era, all believers are priests. We must be bold enough to take up the position as Levitical priests, standing between the world and our Father, to confess sins on behalf of people and ask for His grace. May God cleanse this sinstained land and save Hong Kong from leaving her destiny due to decline. We have to fervently pray for the peace of Jerusalem to come to Hong Kong, so that we can enter into the destiny as “the Base for Revival of Asia” and become a city that blesses the whole earth. • [2019.09.01]