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This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

This is the day the Lord has made! Even though we feel like being swarmed around like bees, let us neither eye on how difficult the present situation is, nor rely on the action of the government. Despite how boiling people’s emotion is, we must trust in God alone, hold fast to our position as Levitical priests, looking upon Him in faith because He will surely give us the best.

Since June, protests in Hong Kong have been escalating in violence, putting the society in disorder and turmoil. Facing great disturbance and strife both internally and externally, Hong Kong people are under immense stress, desperate for change. Under this circumstance, we are to be even more determined to follow God and not to contemplate the outside situation. It is like when Peter saw Jesus walking on the sea, he followed him straight away. Had he focused on Jesus rather than the storm, he would have walked on the water and actualized a miracle. It was such a pity that he was afraid and immediately began to sink. As soon as we consider the turbulence going around us, our faith is gone, we will sink.

We read Chapter 18 of Deuteronomy during morning devotion last Wednesday where it mentioned how the priests and Levites should rely totally on God for their share – what they eat and wear and their inheritance. The prophet warned the Israelites against following the world and relying on dark powers such as sorcery or witchcraft. In other words, they should not depend on money and powers, but love the Lord with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their strength, and follow Him with a perfect heart. This is also a reminder for us because all believers are regarded as priests today.

After the morning devotion, church co-workers went prayer-walking throughout Hong Kong. Reaching four corners and 18 districts of Hong Kong, spiritually, we connected to where the church is – Tsuen Wan, the center point of Hong Kong. Tabernacle was pitched, passing on the peace of Jerusalem to the whole of Hong Kong. At that very moment, a long thin line of cloud appeared in the sky, what a sign from God. After the prayer-walk, we took a Jewish Rabbi, Joseph Shulam to a restaurant at the top of International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Kowloon for lunch. During the “4.25 Sea Land Air Prayer-Walk” in 2011, we also blessed Hong Kong at the top of ICC when a circular rainbow (solar halo) emerged in the sky, signifying His presence with us. This time I invited Rabbi to stand on the highest point of ICC to bless Hong Kong and declare the peace of Jerusalem shall come to Hong Kong in Hebrew.

I strongly believe that this is the day the Lord has made and let us rejoice and be glad in it! For such a time as this, may the salvation and prosperity of God come upon Hong Kong! Dear brothers and sisters, Hong Kong will definitely be better and better, let us behold His Work together. Receiving the peace of Jerusalem, we must bring it to our home, our friends and our community, until every inch of Hong Kong receives peace. Amen.• [2019.08.25]