Freedom brings Self-control

The church has birthed her 10th core value! Recently, the church is encountering internal problems while Hong Kong is facing critical moment externally. We feel like being wrung as we go through turmoil internally and externally. Our emotions and thoughts are being stirred and oppressed continuously, it has been really difficult and hard for us. Having gone through much hardship, one Saturday morning, I woke up and received God’s revelation of “Freedom brings self-control”

Then I meditated on God’s power, His omniscience and His love. Even when man is ignorant and rebellious, unable to stand before God; he still considers himself righteous, turning his back on God and even distorting God’s will. God is consuming fire, like lightning and thundering, who is able to wipe out mankind with single breath. Nevertheless, God is love, kindness and goodness. Facing man’s weaknesses and ignorance, is He not exercising tremendous self-control to restrain His wrath in order to preserve man’s life so that we may live?

God is largely angered by man’s transgression and yet He chooses to restrain Himself and contain His anger. As I deeply sensed the unceasing love of God for us, there and then, I was so stirred that I went into great wailing. How undeserving we are! Is God not the most powerful? He created everything in the universe and yet He forsook His beloved Son Jesus who took seven steps of humiliation to redeem sins of man. The One with great authority, great power and great freedom, exhibits great self-control!

In recent months, Pastor Joshua has been greatly disturbed, but he highly regards the core values, believing that we should not add to the core values without careful consideration. Facing Hong Kong’s current situation, what message should we preach on Sundays? We are thankful that after much brewing and thorough thoughts of 2 weeks, finally God moved Pastor Joshua to proclaim 611’s 10th core value: Freedom brings Self-control.

611 children, Jesus Christ was willing to humble Himself. If we want to live out the true freedom in Christ, we have to let ‘Freedom brings Self-control’ be our life principle. •