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Passing on the Message of Peace through Life

While Hong Kong is being unrest, C-Mo and I headed to Laos with some of our curator staff on the day which marked our 36th wedding anniversary. Though exhausted, our hearts were warm. Laos is a communist country and restricts sharing of Gospel. On the contrary, Hong Kong has been enjoying freedom and rich resources and reveling in social stability and prosperity for an extended period of time, hence I greatly treasure everything Hong Kong has to offer her people.

At Laos, we visited and blessed local brothers and sisters who shared their current situation with us. How grateful and delighted we are to see that they are being used by God to establish churches and build up disciples. In the vision of Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years, Laos is definitely in God’s heart to possess. Eagerly, we look forward to its happening and hope that more people of the land shall receive the Gospel.

In 2000, God called me from Canada to Hong Kong, saying that He would make Hong Kong a base to mobilize Asia revival. Responding to that, I came back to Hong Kong and established our church in 2001. Last year, God gave me the vision of Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years. Hong Kong is hand-picked by God and considered to be top in Asia in terms of economy, theological education and freedom.

The more places I have visited and the broader view I gain; the more I perceive God’s blessings over Hong Kong. Then I couldn’t help but praying in heart: God, please protect everything that Hong Kong has from destruction. May You grant us peace and lead Hong Kong through all turmoil so that it shall remain prosperous, stable and free, so as to push Asia forward into revival.

Dear brothers and sisters, I believe that as God has chosen Hong Kong, He will not let such choosing go in vain and His heart over Hong Kong stays unchanged. We bless Hong Kong with the peace of Jerusalem so that it continues to serve God and be the future global connection! Presently, it does not call for worry but us to send out the message of peace which is an anchor of faith to the society. It is prime time for us to hold tight on God.

“Bless Hong Kong in 52 Days” prayers are being issued to all cell leaders and brothers and sisters through the MG system. In such tumultuous time, let’s lift up our hands and cry out to God, sending out the message of peace through our lives. May our prayers reach God and be used greatly by Him. May God have mercy on us and I believe that Hong Kong will surely sail through adversity safely. Regardless of any situation, God is surely with us. • [2019.08.04]