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Practice Life and Freedom in Relationship

After receiving from God to start the “Ten Commandments” preaching series, we have already covered the prelude and the first commandment. Yet, it appears to us that piling of the truth seems to be hard and difficult. Slowing down the pace, we go on expounding on the true meaning of the Ten Commandments which is to bring man life and freedom.

Everyone desires life and freedom, but most often neglects a crucial part — “relationship”. Only in true relationship can one practice life and freedom. As stated in the book of James, the gist of listening to the Word is doing what it says. Faith not accompanied by action, is dead. God’s Word needs to be mixed with faith. In the Old Testament, life and freedom are practiced through relationship. This is also the commandment given to us by God.

Life and freedom do not concern only individuals, rather, they are to be experienced and practiced in relationship. The core values of our church, such as “Grace before Truth”, “Relationship before Ministry” and so on, have laid a good foundation for us. And they shall be applied interpersonally as well as between teams.

God created the world and commanded man to be fruitful, increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. A river flowed from Eden and from there it was separated into four headwaters, streaming into all the earth. It is mentioned here to expand and to fill the earth. This mission given by God to man is to be actualized through the creation of male and female by God and thereupon through the relationship between husband and wife and among family members. The importance of marriage and family is evident. As family relationship is secure, various social issues
shall disappear naturally. Neglecting the importance of practicing in true relationship, root causes are beyond remedy.

God highly esteems relationship. True freedom is to deny and lay down oneself, just as God’s Son sacrificed Himself for us. The freedom He grants us is not destructive and selfish, but is about benefiting others, perfecting them and sacrificing oneself. Truly man has sinned, yet amid the judgment of Truth, God bestows salvation, what great news!

Dear brothers and sisters, are you ready? May God help us adjust our focus so that we are not too occupied with what we don’t have and forget what we have. Freedom in the truth is to regard all that is given us by God and submit to His arrangement in which we are content. We place our focus on what God has given us and treasure it with a grateful heart.

Thank God! Ever since we have received the vision of “One Tree of Life”, God keeps working among us. The nursery class of the Tree of Life Kindergarten has been approved by the Education Bureau and is now open for enrollment. It is our great joy to serve more children and families. Here, may I bless every family to be a cradle of life and freedom and become a tree of life to fill the earth. • [2019.07.28]