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Rejoice Always

Recently protests against the amendment of the Extradition Bill have turned into demonstrations and clashes between police and citizens, therefore, enmity and opposition put the society in fear and unease. Unceasingly and earnestly we pray to God for Hong Kong, may the peace of Jerusalem come upon this land!

Despite all these bad news, I was most delighted to see the results of the Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey. It shows that, of the 18 districts in Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan is on top of the list, making Tsuen Wan people the happiest. Thank God for granting us such joy and blessings!

Back in 2007, we received from God that our church was to move from North Point to Tsuen Wan, the center point of Hong Kong but a relatively impoverished area at the time. Not by sight but by faith, we followed the God-given revelation and brought the whole congregation to Tsuen Wan by ferry. As we entered the Wealthy Garden Main Hall, we felt strongly the glory of God’s Presence.

We tend the lamp of God during morning devotion everyday here, worshipping God and bringing down His presence and blessings. In the blink of an eye, twelve years have passed since we came to Tsuen Wan. It is to our great surprise that Tsuen Wan has become the happiest district in Hong Kong this very day. In the past, most shops in the Panda Mall were empty. But today, news shops are opened everywhere and the property price continues to soar. Tsuen Wan is now a district full of vitality. It is all God’s grace.

Facing the political crisis and instability in Hong Kong, I truly believe that God’s will is to use the church to bring the peace of Jerusalem to Hong Kong to transform this place!

Dear brothers and sisters, we should have faith and stand firm in Truth. When our friends hold different opinions, let us express our stance without being argumentative. We should become the Tree of Life and testify to the Lord with our lives, turning hatred to love, discord to peace.

We should not take the path of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Instead, we are to choose the way of the Tree of Life, willingly lay down ourselves and give, as opposed to striving. The Kingdom rule is to: “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) Let’s have a grateful heart and pray continually in all circumstances, such that joy will fill us up.

We should also continue to work on discipleship and build up people to become the Tree of Life, so that everyone may bring the love and healing of the Holy Spirit to the place they live or work. Where there is the Tree of Life, there is peace! The fruit of the Tree of Life is “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.” May we release the scent of the Tree of Life to impact people around us and transform this world! • [2019.07.21]