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Pray for True Peace of Hong Kong

Thank God! As received from God, after the “Tree of Life Church” series, starting last Sunday (30th June), a brand new preaching series, the “Ten Commandments” began. This series expounds God’s decrees and laws which are life and freedom. The Ten Commandments are the truth of Tree of Life. My first message titled, “Be ready to receive the Ten Commandments”.

The following day (July 1), we hurried to Taiwan with co-workers to meet up with some professionals at running schools who helped us with the establishment of the Tree of Life Primary School. July 1 also marked the 22nd Anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China. A large-scale protest against the amendment of Extradition Bill involving some hundred thousands of people took place. At the end, people stormed and vandalized the Legco Complex, before driven out by the police. It was truly saddening to us all, we must keep on praying for the peace of Hong Kong – divine true peace!

On June 9, prayer-walking in Israel, we were astounded to hear that there was a sizable public procession in Hong Kong and later on clashes broke out between some protestors and the police. Immediately, we drafted a “Prayer Guideline”, urging everyone to earnestly pray for the peace of Hong Kong. On June 16, it happened that it was me preaching on Sunday services, therefore I was able to bring Hong Kong the peace I had just received from the city of peace – Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)!

Indeed, Jerusalem is still troubled by wars from all sides; Hong Kong is in intense controversies and hemmed in by various powers. Yet, we believe that our heavenly Father shall grant us true peace, His promises will never fail.

We believe that sincere communication is a must amid the deadlock of Hong Kong. In love, should the government think and in trust, citizens respond. The Church must live out the Truth and build up life through discipleship in church, family and education. When the body, spirit and soul of a person grow up in the positive, loving and safe “Tree of Life” environment, he shall have a positive and friendly attitude. On the contrary, a “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” environment shapes a person’s mind into negativity and hostility. Hence the Tree of Life way is the only way out.

Dear brothers and sisters, our heavenly Father has His wonderful will in directing our paths. The “Ten Commandments” series starting from the end of June is the golden opportunity for all of us to re-establish our covenant with God and to understand the Ten Commandments in greater depth. Let us ready ourselves to receive. It is our hope that through the messages of “Ten Commandments”, each one builds relationship with Father God, abides in His laws and receives life and freedom. In the current predicament of Hong Kong, may we demonstrate the qualities and positive energy of the Tree of Life and the divine true peace will surely come to the land we dearly love. • [2019.07.07]