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Become One Way Parents, Water The Soil of Trees of Life

The vision sharing of “One Way Parents Class” was held last Sunday with full house in the Mercy Seat. Followed a playlet was the testimony from Eben’s family of four. The father who gave his very best was very harsh and short-tempered, from whom his children couldn’t feel love. The mother cared much for others in church, but scolded and punished children at home. Attending church since youth, the children never felt the love of Father God. The icy family relationship has started to change only after the parents receive discipleship and live a consistent life, allowing the children to grow freely and healthily.

Afterwards, C-Mo shared visions of discipleship received from God in 4 points: firstly, “One Way” is the Tree of Life. Tree of Life is rooted in the soil which is education, church
and family. Next is “Aliyah”. The Israelites scattered across the globe long to return to their motherland. Looking at God’s creation, salmons swim upstream to their birthplace only to lay eggs and the wasps take their last breath to squeeze in the fig to lay eggs. It takes them their whole life to return and to build up next generation. It is God’s heart for us to return, give birth and nurture our next generation, a continuous cycle of breeding and growth. “Integration” is the third. The roots, trunks, branches and leaves of a tree of life are connected with one another for smooth transportation of nutrients. We shall stop segmentation and dividing works, instead we build up Trees of Life with joint effort and of one heart. Fourth, is the value system of the Tree of Life. This is of eternal value, not just for oneself, but also to lead the next generation to pursue “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.” (Php 4:8)

Concluding the meeting, Pastor Joshua led everybody to proclaim “Tree of Life ONE WAY declaration”, committing ourselves to watering and ploughing the soil of the church,
family and education, nurturing everybody to be a Tree of Life. • [2019.06.23]