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Walk in the rhythm of God

It is feast of Purim this week, celebrating the time God’s people were delivered from their enemies: their sorrows were turned into joy, and their mourning into a day of celebration. Since resuming the celebration of biblical festivals in 2004, we run an “Esther Musical” every Purim. It happens that we are in a period of rest this Purim, therefore we break away from this convention. The meaning of Purim will be shared through story-telling instead, a brand-new way for us to celebrate festivals.

In the past fourteen years, we have been observing God-appointed festivals and following His heart. Unknowingly, we have begun to walk in the rhythm of God and experience His wonderful guidance.

For instance, Ruby and Basil were assigned to preach the last sermon on “Hospitality” last Sunday. Coincidentally and unexpectedly, Pastor James Liaw’s wife came to Hong Kong from Canberra, Australia. During the Sunday service, she for the first time expressed gratitude for our hospitality towards her whole family, and it moved us deeply.

Pastor Liaw passed away due to sudden illness three years ago, sending his wife and his son Caleb into deep grief. Immediately, Ruby and Basil were sent to Australia to condole the family, to organize and hold his funeral – bringing comfort and help. Pastor James’ wife could not bring herself out of Australia for the past three years. Yet as she came to Hong Kong this time, we were preaching on “Hospitality”. And Caleb has joined Bible School since last year, they shared onstage together how they had received hospitality. Surely, all is in God’s timing and plan.

Last Sunday, we officially started the fifth phase of the “Zechariah Church Building Revival Project”. It mainly includes two parts: purchase and exploration of the “Garden of Eden” in Cheung Chau, which is over 160,000 sq. ft.; and the renovation of the Young Ya multimedia center. The total budget is $60 million. Brothers and sisters are urged to make pledge in faith – and so far, a pledge of $50 million has been received and should continue to accumulate! What God has prepared is way beyond our imagination!

In the past couple of days, we had a retreat with seven couples of “Tree of Life Seedlings” in Cheung Chau, at the same time giving thanks to God who has given us this land to possess. The “Garden of Eden” will be a base for retreat in times of revival, and a fantastic place to receive vision from God. Surely, we have a delightful inheritance!

Dear brothers and sisters, let us keep praying together for the two enormous projects: “Garden of Eden” and Young Ya multimedia center, so that we will experience God’s favor and blessings again! • [2019.03.24]