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Turning 60, A New Life’s Beginning

26th Jan marks my wife Delphine’s 60th birthday. In my life, Delphine is truly the 360 degree (all-round) wife God has given me. From knowing each other, dating, discipling, building church, to planting Trees of Life everywhere etc., she has always been my most important partner in life. Thanking God greatly for her, I know for sure that without Delphine, there would not be “611” today! The thoughts of the Father God are indeed amazing!

How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! (Ps 139:17)

My gratitude is beyond words. Therefore, I dedicated a poem to my wife and God:

Step by step thy follow God, year by year now sixty years
seasons come and seasons go,
thy never change through highs and lows

Side by side we walk in faith, hand in hand over four decades
for richer or poorer, through sunshine and rain

Brick by brick 611 we plant,
grace upon grace 18 years in God’s hands
He is always there for us, no matter where no matter when

Tree by tree we grow in the 52 years ahead,
wonders upon wonders we see over the earth and across the seas

My beloved wife Delphine, an all r ounded excellent helper to me,

A joyful mother who ceases not in perfecting
Being brave and bold in speech and pruning

Edification through encounter and engagement
Follow the Holy Spirit and History is written

The role model of an acceptable wife
Her husband’s wonderful helper

For 52 years flying high and soaring
Turning 60 a new life’s beginning!

Praise the Lord, C-Mo is of righteous and pur e heart, and has received a humble and genuine spirit from God so that she may be greatly used by God today. Eunice, the florist who came especially from GA611 in Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, was only planning to decorate the birthday celebration venue. Unexpectedly, she was greatly moved by the atmosphere of Trees of Life. She decided to follow God with a pure heart, entering the destiny and abundance of “Planting Trees of Life everywhere in 52 years”. Dear brothers and sisters, with a pure heart and humble spirit, let us follow the Lord closely and we shall surely be accepted by God. • [2019.01.27]