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Acceptable 2019

“Acceptable 2019” also means “Favorable 2019”. It was “Return 2018” last year, meaning that as we return to God, He shall accept us and return to us. This year, through Psalm 19, God tells us that He accepts us, and that 2019 shall be a year of Lord’s favor upon us: where God shall be gracious to us, bringing down many blessings on us.

As 2019 begins, good news starts to pour in! On the 1st of January, right after Morning Devotion, several brothers and sisters came to me, to joyfully tell me they are now starting relationships. How happy I am for them! This year, good news shall come from the singles, as well as the married ones who shall find acceptance from their spouse as they exit hardships.

Praise the Lord for blessing our marriages. Moreover, the church keeps expanding and possessing lands. Entering 2019, we have bought a large piece of land in Nam Tam Wan, Cheung Chau, at a bargain price. This land is a God-given hidden pearl because it is good for agriculture, and has unlimited development potential, including being a great venue for church camps and retreats.

Good news also keeps pouring in from our branch churches as well. Recently, “Taipei 611” has bought a new church venue of over 10,000 square feet. Also, 50% of the debt that our Kuching branch church owes the developer has been waived, as an offering to the church. We are thrilled and over the moon at the favor Abba Father is showing to us!

During Morning Devotion on Wednesday, we read 2 Chronicles chapter 26. It mentions that God “marvelously helped” King Uzziah. In the past, God has helped 611 in many areas. Lately, two couples who are the elite of God’s Kingdom came to visit us in Hong Kong. They are help from God to us and I am very grateful for them. However, through King Uzziah’s experience, God reminds us that even though He accepts us and helps us, we must stay watchful and not be arrogant. Let us continue to humble ourselves in following God, and acknowledge Him in everything we do.

Praise the Lord for always fulfilling the desires of our hearts. May I urge brothers and sisters – in 2019 God shall accept the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts, so let us pray to God more. In the past, we didn’t know how to pray, or what to ask of God. Maybe we prayed with over-rational minds and faithless words – hence God could not do much in or through our lives.

Acceptable 2019 is also a year for welcoming the overflowing of the Holy Spirit. May God be gracious to us so that by the Holy Spirit, we may cry out to God in faith and He shall accept our cry. May God help us to know more of the Tree of Life, and more of the Word of God. May our spiritual eyes be opened, and may our souls be quickened. Then, we may desire more of God’s words and walk humbly with our God. • [2019.01.13]