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Looking Back, Grateful upon Grateful

Last week, C-Mo and I brought our MG Leaders and Steering Committee to Kuching and Sabah in Malaysia for a year-end retreat. The Holy Spirit was with us, enlightening us in the Word of God and leading us to build deeper relationships in Him.

I am grateful for the pastors and co-workers of our daughter church in Kuching, who took very good care of us in both catering and accommodation. We felt truly at home. Through living together and interacting with one another, we delighted ourselves in the abundance of God. Some of our MG Leaders sentimentally shared their life stories of growing up, they expressed deep gratitude as they realized how God’s Grace had been with them all along. As a result of this sharing, we are drawn even closer to each other.

Looking back, 2018 has been filled with the Song of Victory. In the meantime, the Steering Committee has selected the top 10 stories of our church in 2018. We see God’s glory everywhere, and it is all because of His grace.

During the “Cruise Carnival”, our MG Leaders were led by the Holy Spirit to open up and deeply confess their sins. As they r eturn to rest, they are able to enter into “modesty”.

Typhoon Mangkhut hit Hong Kong during the planned beach baptism on 16th September, it was a great test of our faith. Trusting in the hand of God, we first prayed and waited – we did not rush to take any action. How delighted we were to see our brothers and sisters obey and follow. The super-typhoon was forecast to hit Hong Kong directly, but later changed its course and hit Kong during low tide instead. Hence, destruction was minimized, what a wonderful protection from God! The beach baptism was postponed, but we were brought to understand more deeply what the Holy Spirit had told us: “Sukkot is the Feast of Ingathering”. When we humbled ourselves and followed the Lord in unison, we offered up our “Ingathering” to Him during Sukkot, with 8 sessions of “Baptism” and 8 sessions of “The Light” musical held simultaneously. Eventually 852 people were baptized and it was reported in the media, glorifying the Name of the Lord greatly.

Responding to the call of our Taipei mother church, we earnestly prayed for the “referendum” on family values held in Taiwan. The result was greatly favourable, an obvious miracle. This is what we have been emphasizing: “marriage” is the cornerstone of revival for “family”, “church” and “society”. God has inspired us with the concepts of the “Couple’s Boxing Ring” and “Couple’s Four Mountains,” which we shared about in our recent publication, “Intimate Opponent.” These newer, advanced concepts have helped many couples in returning, restoring and renewing their relationship.

The “Safety Belt” series are the core values which help our church to preserve steadfast faith in God, and to persist in bold communication with man, during extreme adversity and crisis.

I am grateful that in 2018, Father God leads us step by step towards total victory.

This Sunday will be 30 December, a time to give thanks as 2018 ends and to pray for 2019. I bless our brothers and sisters to experience even more of our Abba Father’s kindness, grace and faithfulness in the coming year. • [2018.12.30]