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The Grace of Life

Entering December, the weather has turned crisp and it also signifies the end of 2018. Looking back at “Return 2018”, I am truly in awe of God’s blessings in our midst. Last week, the team of Dr Lin Guangchang visited our church and performed health check-ups for our co-workers – over 200 – and presented a health seminar. Praise the Lord! As the vision of “planting Trees of Life everywhere in 52 years” sets sail, we will need healthy body, soul and spirit to run the race ahead of us.

This week, C-Mo and I led a Pastor Couples’ camp in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have held Pastor Couples’ camp many times before, ministering to mainly Chinese pastors and co-workers – for those who did not speak Chinese English translation would be provided. However, in this Pastor Couples’ camp, 23 pastor couples from 12 countries attended! Other than participants from the usual places such as Taiwan, Japan and South East Asia, people from as far as New Zealand (the West Coast of Pacific Ocean) and Cameroon (of Midwest Africa) participated too! Some of them spoke neither Chinese nor English, and as such we had off-stage translation in Japanese, Thai, and Laotian. Therefore, I name this camp “The International Pastor Couples’ Camp.”

The “Couples’ Camp” is the first camp of 611. To meet the needs of churches, the “Pastor Couples’ Camp” has been started upon the foundation of the “Couples’ Camp”. These days, the Couples’ Camps are mainly led by my disciples. Coincidentally, four Couples’ Camps are taking place in different branch churches at the same time this week. Nowadays, C-Mo and I focus on ministering to “Pastor Couples” because “reviving a pastor couple is reviving a church”. The teaching materials of Couples’ Camp have been compiled and printed, but they are never “immutable writings”. As C-Mo and I have been renewed and elevated in the Lord continuously, the content of these Couples’ Camps is under constant review. “Couple’s boxing ring”, “Four steps in restoring relationship” and “Four mountains of husband and wife” are the new contents we put in this “International Pastor Couples’ Camp.

This camp was held in a beautiful holiday resort with a scenic environment. A sister from GA 611 who is a professional flower arranger decorated the whole venue with fresh flowers, making it extremely exquisite and delightful. Soaked in the ocean of flowers, all students were thoroughly relaxed. The “romantic night” session of this camp was the most sensational of all I have taken part in, and it was a great booster for love between each couple. One tutor was a professional dancer, he taught us some simple but elegant dance steps. Everyone danced to music, and everyone was intoxicated with the loving atmosphere. That night, all students under the shadows of flowers and lights, re-made the “covenant of love” before the Lord, and sang of the “grace of life” from their hearts.

A Japanese pastor confessed his sins to his wife publicly. He stated that he had thought of his 15-year marriage as quite satisfactory, but under the Light of the Holy Spirit, he realized how selfish he had been in the marriage. Kneeling down, he plead for forgiveness. Lying on the floor, he cried out to “mortify myself”. Committed to the marriage vow once again, he looks forward to the next Pastor Couples’ camp, when he shall present a “brand- new life”. Praise the Lord! How shocking such an event is to a Japanese pastor. Evidently, God is doing wonderful work in his life.

One pastor has been with us for a period of time, but he has been doubtful about our teachings especially that “the wife is never wrong”, which was way beyond his comprehension. However, after reading “Intimate Opponent”, he understands the four mountains for the husband. He is awakened, professing that “I am willing to be a husband who supports his wife,” and “the teachings in the couples’ camp are true.” To another pastor couple who joined the “Pastor Couples’ camp” only in October, they signed up for this as well – the husband acknowledges that this is most helpful to him, his family and church.

Praise the Lord! When couples are in one heart, return to God, and are joint co-heirs of the grace of life – I can see the way of life, the light of life and the hope of life in this. • [2018.12.16]