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Sand Transformed into Pearl

It was Pastor Jason’s 50th birthday on Wednesday, therefore, C-Mo specially arranged a birthday party for him, inviting MG leaders and his disciples along to give thanks. Looking back in 2001 when 611 just started, Jason had graduated from Agape International Leadership Institute. He wrote me a letter seeking to join our team as he too was called to serve in Hong Kong. Over these 16 years, starting as an intern pastor, having been through blending and nurturing, recovering from sickness and unblocking of emotions, Jason and his wife is now leading the Department of Kingdom Revival which oversees the Bible School, church planting and the Equipping Centre. He is indeed one of the most dazzling pearls.

The past 16 years has been the most precious, brilliant and delightful time of my life. Praise the Lord for Pastor Jason, Pastor Anna and all church staff who faithfully walk with me. In faith, we march forward as the Spirit leads us, overcoming difficulties in church planting and persevering in discipleship… Indeed we are not highly talented people, and yet God is pleased with us and chooses us. As our spiritual father, Pastor Nathaniel Chow described us.

“In the past, their service was like little chicks jumping hard with all their might yet achieving little result. Nevertheless, as they experienced the renewal of the Holy Spirit, they build up the church using the five-fold ministry structure, driven by the four wheels of Scripture, Sanctification, Spirit and Service. Then in just a few years, team members have been transformed from hurting little chicks to soaring eagles in the sky.” Truly, over these 16 years, we can boast nothing but the Grace and Kindness of God. He allows us to grow as mustard seeds and soar with the Holy Spirit as eagles.

As presented in the “Pearl Dance”, sand can be transformed into pearls because of Father God’s wonderful KINDNESS, nurture, embrace, mercy and acceptance. The Pearl Conference, commencing next week, is not about knowledge or the way of success. We are simply willing to open up our Church for all to see and understand the real life and interaction of our team.

Dear brothers and sisters, we need to be transformed and elevated, turned into a precious pearl…and at the end we all become the mother-of-pearl. In order for it to come true, we must take up discipleship. It is through discipleship, our lives blend and clash with our cell leader and cell members, then we will recognize who we truly are to avoid complacency. Our Lord will help us live out the life of pearls. • [2017.06.18]

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