Our God / Great In Power / You Are Good / Great Is The Lord

1) Our God
By Chris Tomlin

Water You turned into wine
Opened the eyes of the blind
There’s no one like You
None like You

Into the darkness You shine
Out of the ashes we rise
There’s no one like You
None like You

Our God is greater, our God is stronger
God You are higher than any other
Our God is healer, awesome in power
Our God, Our God

And if our God is for us
then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
then what can stand against
Then what can stand against

2) Great In Power
Hillsong Church

Praise Him, you heavens and all that’s above
Praise Him, you angels and heavenly hosts
Let the whole earth praise Him
Praise Him, the sun moon and bright shining stars
Praise Him, you heavens and waters and skies
Let the whole earth praise Him

Great in power, great in glory
Great in mercy, King of Heaven
Great in battle, great in wonder
Great in Zion, King over all the earth

3) You Are Good
By Kari Jobe – Gateway Worship

Your kindness leads me to repentance
Your goodness draws me to Your side
Your mercy calls me to be like You
Your favor is my delight
Every day, I’ll awaken my praise
And pour out a song from my heart

You are good, You are good ,You are good
And Your mercy is forever
Your kindness is forever
Your goodness is forever
Your mercy is forever, forever

4) Great Is The Lord
By Steve McEwan

Great is the Lord
And most worthy of praise
The city of our God, the Holy place
The joy of the whole earth
Great is the Lord in whom
We have the victory
He aids us against the enemy
We bow down on our knees

And Lord, we want to lift Your Name on high
And Lord, we want to thank You
For the works You’ve done in our lives
And Lord, we trust in Your unfailing love
For You alone are God eternal
Throughout earth and heaven above