Re-ordering Relationship above Ministry, Three Generations Blessed

James has been dedicated to church pastoring for more than 30 years. To ease the pressure brought by ministry, He used to play video games and put on a long face at home. Once he even bought a new car without informing his wife. Likewise, his wife was reluctant to serve with him together. Their relationship was distant.

At the invitation by his daughter, James came to 611 Church with his wife and received discipleship. In a retreat, he was prompted by God to turn from self-centeredness to spending more time with and listening to his wife. He made confession and apologies to his wife and daughters and after that, his wife’s prolonged depression was healed. Even more, now James and his wife disciple couples together, and their family pray together. The relationship of his family is getting closer.

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事工導向忽視妻女 關係修復三代蒙福

鍾展文弟兄一家 James’Family



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