Experiencing God through valuing the relationship with Him in buying a house: Brother On and co-worker Stella Luk

Brother On and co-worker Stella shared their need to find a house, but they faced financial and time difficulties.

Co-worker Stella shared that while waiting on God, she poured out her inner struggles to God. God reminded her to value her relationship with Him and not focus only on her shortcomings due to feelings of inferiority and self-centeredness.

Brother On shared that since childhood, his parents often arranged many things for him, making him eager to have his own opinions and thoughts. This made it difficult for him to relax and walk according to God’s will. However, seeing his wife willing to relax (to go effortless) and restore, he became proactive and hopeful.


看重與神的關係 買房事中經歷神 / 梁宇安弟兄 Brother On & 陸美君同工