Willing to listen improves family relationship
Brother Dick Lee

Dick Lee had been arrogant and unwilling to listen to his parents since he was young. Although he had affairs a couple of times, he thought it was just normal, so eventually his first marriage was broken up. After he got married again, he was about to divorce in just one year.

Later he joined the church and a cell group. In the beginning he had difficulties to listen to the pinpointed comments given by his cell leader. As inspired by the Holy Spirit and other cell members’ sharing, he has been more willing to listen to authorities’ teachings. Prompted by the Holy Spirit at one time, he took the initiative to open up himself to his parents and younger sister, and apologized to them. In return, all of them apologized to and embraced each other. Dick’s wife also felt grateful for his changes. Their family relationship is much better and warmer.

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自大不聽傷家人 悔改能聽好關係

李箭弟兄 Brother Dick Lee



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