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His Name is Jehovah

Verse: Exodus 32-34 1. Jehovah Irreplaceable by Calf Counterfeit (Exodus 32:1-6) A. Man substitutes Jehovah with golden calf B. God uses everlasting love to replace counterfeits 2. Jehovah Undefeatable by Human Failure (Exodus 32:7-14) A. The worst thing isn’t the last thing B. Unfathomable mercy overcomes human frailty 3. Jehovah Has Inexhaustible Grace (Exodus 33:19-23; 34:5-8) A. Sustaining love to build fragile trust B. Kindness and righteousness to nourish life

Calling out the Hidden Wonder

Verse: Esther 3-4 1. Devoted Worship Calls out Wonder 3:1-15 A. Refusal to Bow Stirs up a Storm 3:1-9 B.13,13 … Grace Reigns 3:10-15 2.Fasting & Wailing Call out Wonder 4:1-8 A. Wailing in Sackcloth B. No Pain that God Knows Not 3. Self Sacrifice Calls out Wonder 4:9-17 A. Identity & Mission Befitting this Moment B. The Glorious Living Sacrifice – “If I perish, I perish.”

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