Live out a holy life

活出聖潔生命 Live out a holy life Verse: Gal5:13-26 一. 愛心服事不為己 v.13-15 Serve with love selflessly 二. 當順著聖靈而行 v.16-26 Walk by the Spirit 1.脫離情慾的轄制 v.19-21 Free from the bondage of lust 2.滿有聖靈的果子 v.22-26 Have the fruit of the Spirit

Come! Power of God’s Kingdom

天國的能力降臨 Come! Power of God’s Kingdom Verse: Mark 9:14-29 A. Reveal! Salvation of our mighty God (v.14-22) B. Receive! Believe and Pray (v.23-29) 1. Have faith (v.23-27) 2. Prayer and fasting (v.28-29)

Life and Freedom

Verse: Genesis 2:1-17, Exodus 20:3 A. There is Life. There is Freedom  (Gen 2:1-17) B. True relationship. True Freedom (Gen 2:18-25) 1. God instituted marriage to walk out life and freedom (Gen 2:18-25) 2. God gave salvation followed by life and freedom (Gen 3; Exo 20)

Spirit-filled tree of life church – Sardis

《Tree of Life Church Series》5 Spirit-filled tree of life church – Sardis Verse: Revelation 3:1-6 A. Reject false religion (v.1-3) 1. Walk blamelessly (v.1-2b) 2. Be watchful in prayer (v.2a-3) B. Submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit (v.4-6) 1. Live out holiness (v.3-5) 2. Walk with the Lord (v.4; 19:14) 《生命樹教會系列》5 滿有聖靈的生命樹教會-撒狄 經文:啟示錄 3:1-6 一、拒絕虛假的信仰 (v.1-3) 1. 行為完全 (v.1-2b) 2. 警醒禱告 (v.2a-3) 二、順服聖靈的引導 (v.4-6) 1.活出聖潔 (v.3-5) 2.與主同行 (v.4; 19:14)

Acceptable 2019: Jacob who is blessed in the midst of discipline

Verse: Gen 29-31 1. Deceiving and fighting bring judgments A. Exploited much 29:16-27; 31:38-41 B. Endless contention at home 29:31; 30:1,8,15 伯Job34:11;詩Psa18:25-26;羅Rom2:6 2. God’s acceptance fulfills His promises A. God gives fruitfulness 29:32-35, 30:5-24 B. God gives increasing procession 30:43; 31:7-9,11-13,24,42

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