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ALL IN,定意尋求神 ALL IN, resolved to inquire of the Lord;Still & See,發出大讚美 Still & See, praise with a loud voice

Two Generation,One Way!

Two Generation,One Way! (提前4:11-16) 一) Two Generation彼此需要(提前4:13-14) 二) One Way拯救世代(提前4:15-16)

Kindness is Everywhere

讓Kindness走動 Kindness is Everywhere 經文:路加福音 Luke 10:25-37 一. 明白Kindness,愛神必愛人 v.25-29 Understand Kindness, love God and love man too 二. 行出Kindness,憐憫有行動 v.30-37 Live out kindness, show mercy in action

Great friends, true relationships

好朋友,真關係! Great friends, true relationships Verse: 1 Samuel 18:1-4, 19:1-7, 20:12-23 一. 真關係中有信任 撒上1Sa 18:1-4 There is trust in true relationships 二. 真關係中有真理 撒上1Sa 19:1-7 There is truth in true relationships 三. 真關係中對準神 撒上1Sa 20:12-23 Focus on God in true relationships

Quick quick quick, there’s hope for your friend!

快快快,朋友有救了! Quick quick quick, there’s hope for your friend! Verse: Luke 5:17-26 一、有信心,罪赦了! v.17-20 By faith, sins are forgiven! 二、有神蹟,起來了! v.21-26 With miracle, rise up!

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