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Be the New Crop of the Kingdom

作神國新銳 Be the New Crop of the Kingdom Verse: Isaiah 41:8-16 1. Be chosen, the Lord will help you v.8-13 2. New anointing, new and sharp threshing sledge v.14-16

The Triumphant Lamb, the Submissive Bride

得勝的羔羊,順服的新婦 The Triumphant Lamb, the Submissive Bride Vers: Rev. 19:7-16, 19-21   一. 順服的新婦 (啟19:7-10) The submissive Bride 二. 得勝的羔羊 (啟19:11-16,19-21) The triumphant Lamb 三. 基督與教會的奧秘 (弗5:22-25,31-33) The Mystery of Christ and the church  

God is real !

神是真的! God is real ! Verse: Psalms 34 1. Praise God! He answers and He saves (v.1-7) 2. All Children! Taste God and fear God (v.8-14) 3. Cry to God! He hears you, He saves you (v.15-22)

Receive the Crown of Life – church of Smyrna

《Tree of Life Church Series》2 Verse: Revelation 2:8-11 1. Outlive Tree of Life in tribulation v.8-9 a. For God knows all b. In poverty but are rich c. Foretold the Blasphemy of the enemy 2. Tribulations will pass crown of Life stays v.10-11

By the Gospel no more slavery

Verse: Galatians 2 1. Gospel makes no slavery v.1-10 A. Resist the slavery mindset v.1-5 B. Gospel makes one free v.6-10 2. Stick to Gospel refuse slavery v.11-14 3. Slavery brings no justification v.15-21 A. Justify by faith alone v.15-18 B. Live by faith in the son of God v.19-21

Acceptable 2019 : The reckless Jacob

Verse: Genesis 27:1-45 1. Grasp the blessing but not God  v.1-29 2. Took the blessing but hurt the relationship v.30-45

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