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The Tree of Life that reigns with the Lord – Laodicea

《Tree of Life Church Series》7 The Tree of Life that reigns with the Lord – Laodicea Speaker: Pastor Israel Kang (Heavenly Spring 611 BOL) verse: Revelation 3:14-22 A. Reignite love, pursue with hunger 1. Put off old self and be used by God (v.15-16) 2. Be true and faithful to put on the white garment (v.17-18, 17:14, 19:11-14) B. Seated together, rule over the earth (v.19-22) 1. Open the door: seated with the Lord, align with God (v.19-20) 2. Be kings: seated on the throne with the Lord, disciple peoples and cities (v.21-22, 20:4, 22:1-4)

The Power Of Revelation

The Power Of Revelation 啟示的大能 Speaker: Pastor Manasa Kolivuso Verse: Matthew 16:13-20

You are Peter

verse: Matthew 16:13-19 一.真認識耶穌是神的兒子 v.13-16 Truly know Jesus as the Son of God 1.不是根據別人認識 Not based on other’s understanding 2.與神有直接的連結 Directly connected to God 二.真知道教會要建造在基督裡 v.17-19 Truly know that the Church is built in Christ 1.倚靠主綑綁一切仇敵惡者 Bind all enemies in the name of the Lord 2.倚靠主釋放一切被轄制的 Loose all prisoners in the name of the Lord

Israel and the Kingdom

Verse: Exodus 19, Matthew 6:10 講員:彼得塚平牧師 Pastor Peter Tsukahira

Moses’ Faith – Desert and Follow

Pastor Wong Verse : Hebrews 11:24-29 1. Desert after Desert – Run to the true God ( v.24-26) A. Deserted his identity as a prince B. Deserted the glamour of Egypt 2.  Follow after Follow – Miracles and Deliverance (v.28-29) A. Instituted the Passover and Sprinkling of blood (today’s Communion) (Exodus 11) B. Crossed the Red Sea as on dry land (today’s Baptism) (Exodus 14)

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