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  跨越黑歷史系列 第四講︰霸氣婦女史 Dark history series #4: Story of sassy women   信息講題:放下自我保護罩 Laying down the defense   詩篇Psalm 43   遇冤屈 像極了地獄 (v.1-2) Encountering injustice is just like hell   遇上神 像極了天堂 (v.3-4) Encountering God is just like heaven   讚美神 直情是贏家 (v.5) Praising God is the true winner


跨越黑歷史系列 第三講︰減肥血淚史 Dark history series #3: Brutal body makeover   信息講題:誰來愛我? Who’s gonna love me?   創 Genesis 29:16-18, 31-35   無人愛,神愛你 (創Gen 29: 16-18, 31) No one loves you but God does   努力R,得個吉 Trying too hard and got nothing (創Gen 29: 32-34)   努力讚美,神拯救你 Give praise and God save (創Gen 29:35)   問題與討論 Discussion questions 1) 你生命中有沒有抓緊一些東西,為的是換取別人的愛、肯定及價值? Have you ever hold on to something in your life, in order to trade love, approval or worth?   2) 邀請青年人為自己生命三樣的東西,去讚美神。 List out three things in your life now to praise the Lord.

向壓抑說Bye Bye

跨越黑歷史系列 第二講︰尋找自我成長史 Dark history series #2: The story of  finding your true self   信息講題:向壓抑說Bye Bye Say Bye Bye to suppression   撒上 1 Sam 1:1-20   要與感覺面對面 (撒上1:10) Face your feelings face to face   要找對人說一說 (撒上1:12-18) Find the right person to talk to   要抓緊神不住求 (撒上1:10-12, 15-16) Hold onto God keep on praying


開學禮 – 神一直揀選你 Opening Ceremony – God chose you   信息講題:進入神蹟開學禮 Miracles opening ceremony   出 Exodus 4:10-17   一、不行?有神助! You can’t? God will help!   二、推託?有人幫! Find someone else? Others will help!   問題與討論 Discussion questions 1) 你對開學有沒有什麼擔心? Do you have any worries with school commencing?   2) 比較上一年,你渴望你的學業及校園生活與之前有什麼不同? Comparing to last year, what difference do you want at school?


跨越黑歷史系列 第一講︰青春形象改造歷史 Dark history series #1: A Complete Makeover   信息講題:形象煥然一新 Brand New Image   創 Genesis 1:27, 31;林後2 Corinthians 5:17   有神形象 (創Gen 1:27, 31) Having God’s image   男女都好 (創Gen 1:27) Both male and female are good   形像更新 (林後2Cor 5:17) Image renew   問題與討論 Discussion questions 1) 你喜歡自己的性別嗎? 試分享你喜歡自己什麼? Do you like your gender? Please share what do you like about yourself.   2) 你會否有些東西很想被神更新的呢?例如你的性格、一些習慣、與人相處模式等等。 Is there something you really want God to renew in you? e.g. your personality, habits and relationship with others.


隔籬系列 #4  Always by your side series#4 信息講題:有神愛我,變遷?唔洗怕﹗ With God’s love, no fear in the midst of change!   林前 1 Corinthians 6:19-20;箴Proverbs12:25, 17:17;羅Romans 8:28   因為愛,神以重價挽回我 (林前 1 Co 6:19-20) Because of love, God bought me at a price   因為愛,神透過人環繞我 (箴Prov 12:25, 17:17) Because of love, God surrounds me with entrusted ones   因為愛,神總叫我得益處 (羅Rom 8:28) Because of love, God works for good to me


隔籬系列#3 Always by your side series#3 信息講題:兄弟姊妹隔離營 Siblings by your side 約一2:11, 羅13:8 1. 「恨」· 隔離 (約一2:11) Resentment leads to alienation 2. 「愛」· 隔籬 (羅13:8) Love draws siblings near


隔籬系列#2 Always by your side series#2 信息講題:回家不難 Coming home isn’t hard 創世記 Genesis 25:22, 27:8-10, 41-43, 29:16-20, 26-30, 31:3, 33:1-4 1. 因怨恨促成分裂 (創Gen 25:22, 27:8-10,41-43) Division caused by resentment 2. 因離家重擔纍纍 (創Gen 29:16-20, 26-30) Burdens increased due to leaving home 3. 因回家得著祝福 (創Gen 31:3, 33:1-4) Returning home and be Blessed

有管教 有界線

隔籬系列#1︰爸媽在隔籬👩🏻👨🏻 Always by your side series#1 Dad and Mom are by your side 信息講題:有管教 有界線 To be disciplined To set boundaries 箴言 Proverbs 19:18 22:15、23:13-14 來 Hebrew 12:11 歌羅西書 Colossians 3:20-21 以弗所書 Ephesians 6:1-4 1. 管教是必須的 (箴Prov 19:18 22:15、23:13-14;來Heb12:11) Discipline is necessary 2. 從神而來的界線 (西Col 3:20-21;弗Eph 6:1-4) Boundaries come from God


你相信嗎系列#2:「自由」 Do you believe series#2 “Freedom” 真。自由 (約翰福音 John 8:3-12) True Freedom 1. 人的眼光失自由(v3-5) Freedom is lost when see with man’s eyes 2. 神的眼光得自由(v10-12) Freedom is gained when see with God’s eyes

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