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讓生命力湧流 Life overflowing 董帖心牧師 Pastor Deborah 詩篇 Psalm 1:1-6 一、渴慕生命樹的人有福了v1-2 Blessed is he who longs for the Tree of Life 二、裝載生命水,湧流生命力v3-4 Be filled with the river of life and life overflows 三、生命樹必勝分別善惡樹!v5-6 The Tree of Life shall triumph over the Tree of knowing good and evil


倒空一切必能湧流百倍 Only by emptying, one can receive a hundredfold blessing 何傑牧師、梁慧敏師母 可 Mak 10:17-30 1. 渴慕永生別失望而回 v.17-22 Seek for eternal life and don’t come back disappointed 2. 神出手那有不可能 v.23-30 With God, nothing is impossible

第六日: 領受生養之福!

第六日: 領受生養之福! The sixth day: Receive the blessing of fruitfulness 李浩然同工 Co-worker Tim 創世記 Genesis 1:26-28, 5:-15 一、神賜人第一個祝福 (Genesis 1:26-28) God’s first blessing to man a) 傳承神美好形象 Inherit the beautiful image of God b) 更明白天父的心 Understand the Father’s heart better 二、人人都可以領受 (Genesis 1:26-28, 5:-15) Everyone can receive it


聽從智慧,得著七靈,生命蒙大福 Listen to wisdom, receive the seven Spirits and be greatly blessed 段樹仁牧師 Pastor Jason 箴言 Proverbs 8 一、眾人哪,當聽智慧的呼叫!(v1-11) O people, hear the cry of wisdom 二、得著神的靈,得著一切!(v12-31) Receive the Spirit of God is to receive everything 三、渴慕聽從智慧,得生命、得恩惠、得大福(v32-36) Desire to listen to Wisdom, receive life, favour and great blessings

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