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Hope in the deadlock

絕境中的盼望 Hope in the deadlock 經文:Isaiah 40:27-31, 43:19 A. God shall investigate and vindicate  v.40:27 B. God is Hope, saving our bodies and souls v.40:28-29 C. Strengthened by God, rise above impasse v.40:30-31, 43:19

Freedom brings Self-control 2

有自由 有節制2 Freedom brings Self-control 2 講員:王建勝牧師 Pastor Jason Wang 日期:2019.08.24 語系:英(English)、粵(Cantonese) 經文:(創Ge1:26) (加Gal5:23) 一. 神要人全然自由 (創Ge1:26) God wants man to be completely free 二. 人要有節制生命 (加Gal5:23) Man ought to have a life of self-control A. 從神而來的禁止開始 (創Ge2:16-17;林前1Co9:25:創Ge3:06) Starting from God’s forbiddance B. 適可而止,不要過量 (創Ge9:20-21;弗Eph5:18) Moderation without indulgence 三. 大自由,大節制 The greater the freedom, the greater the self-control A. 權柄越大,越要節制 (申Dt17:16-17;徒Ac24:24-26;提前Ti1 3:2,11) Higher authority, higher self-control B. 知識越多,越要節制 (彼後2Pe1:6) More knowledge, more self-control C. 年紀越長,越要節制 (多Tit 2:2) Increase in age, increase in self-control

Freedom brings self-control

Verse: Galatians 5:1-24 一. 有自由有節制  Freedom brings self-control 1. 有自由 There is freedom a. 脫離律法的軛 (加Gal 5:1-12) Free from the yoke of the Law b. 脫離罪和死的軛 (羅Ro 6:22-23;7:23-25) Free from the yoke of sin and death c. 脫離撒但的軛 (西Col 1:13-14) Free from the yoke of Satan d. 脫離世界的軛 (出Ex 19:4, 3:18, 20:1-2) Free from the yoke of the world 2. 有節制There is self-control a. 不將自由當作放縱 (加Gal 5:13-15) Don’t use freedom to indulge b. 能行在聖靈裡結果子 (加Gal 5:16-24) Walk in the Spirit to bear fruits 二. 大自由大節制 (民Nu20:8-13;腓Phl 1:15-26, 2:6-8) The greater the freedom, greater the self-control