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Great husband embraces his wife

擁抱妻子真丈夫 Great husband embraces his wife 經文:創世記 Genesis 2:24-25 大綱: 一、委身妻子的節奏(v24) Devote to the wife’s pace 二、主動敞開不遮掩(v25a) Willing to open up without hiding 三、放下羞恥得幫助(v25b) Lay down shame to receive help

More love, more faith, more glory!

有愛、有信、有榮耀! More love, more faith, more glory! Verse: John 11:1-6, 17, 21, 39-40, 43-44 一. 神愛的人,雖有艱難患難⋯ (v.1-6) Those God loves though encounter difficulties and hardships … 二. 愛神的人,雖有埋怨失望 ⋯ (v.17,21) Those who love God though grumble with disappointment … 三. 信神的人,必看見神的榮耀 (v.39-40,43-44) Those who believe in God shall see God’s glory

More Love, More Trust

Verse: Genesis 15:1-6, 22:12-13; John 3:16 1. Love births trust (Gen 12-14) 2. The greatest love births the greatest trust (Gen 15-17,22)

More Love, More Trust

有愛 有信任 More Love, More Trust Verse: Ruth 1 一. 無論多麼艱難仍然愛 v.1-13 Still love no matter how difficult it is 二. 無論多麼艱難仍然信任 v.14-18 Still trust no matter how difficult it is 三. 有愛有信任 同享生命恩 v.19-22 More love and more trust, sharing the grace of life

Hope in the deadlock

絕境中的盼望 Hope in the deadlock 經文:Isaiah 40:27-31, 43:19 A. God shall investigate and vindicate  v.40:27 B. God is Hope, saving our bodies and souls v.40:28-29 C. Strengthened by God, rise above impasse v.40:30-31, 43:19

Freedom brings Self-control 2

有自由 有節制2 Freedom brings Self-control 2 講員:王建勝牧師 Pastor Jason Wang 日期:2019.08.24 語系:英(English)、粵(Cantonese) 經文:(創Ge1:26) (加Gal5:23) 一. 神要人全然自由 (創Ge1:26) God wants man to be completely free 二. 人要有節制生命 (加Gal5:23) Man ought to have a life of self-control A. 從神而來的禁止開始 (創Ge2:16-17;林前1Co9:25:創Ge3:06) Starting from God’s forbiddance B. 適可而止,不要過量 (創Ge9:20-21;弗Eph5:18) Moderation without indulgence 三. 大自由,大節制 The greater the freedom, the greater the self-control A. 權柄越大,越要節制 (申Dt17:16-17;徒Ac24:24-26;提前Ti1 3:2,11) Higher authority, higher self-control B. 知識越多,越要節制 (彼後2Pe1:6) More knowledge, more self-control C. 年紀越長,越要節制 (多Tit 2:2) Increase in age, increase in self-control

Freedom brings self-control

Verse: Galatians 5:1-24 一. 有自由有節制  Freedom brings self-control 1. 有自由 There is freedom a. 脫離律法的軛 (加Gal 5:1-12) Free from the yoke of the Law b. 脫離罪和死的軛 (羅Ro 6:22-23;7:23-25) Free from the yoke of sin and death c. 脫離撒但的軛 (西Col 1:13-14) Free from the yoke of Satan d. 脫離世界的軛 (出Ex 19:4, 3:18, 20:1-2) Free from the yoke of the world 2. 有節制There is self-control a. 不將自由當作放縱 (加Gal 5:13-15) Don’t use freedom to indulge b. 能行在聖靈裡結果子 (加Gal 5:16-24) Walk in the Spirit to bear fruits 二. 大自由大節制 (民Nu20:8-13;腓Phl 1:15-26, 2:6-8) The greater the freedom, greater the self-control