The God who reigns over times of troubles
Verse: Exodus 1-2

A. God manifested His plan through history (Gen15:13-14; Exo1:1-7)
1. God revealed His will to Abraham (Gen15:13-1)
2. God made Israelites increase and multiply (Exo1:1-7)

B. God reigns through God-fearing people (Exo1:8-22)
1. God opened a new chapter for Egypt (Exo1:8-14)
2. God saved the male infants through the midwives (Exo1:15-22)

C. God raised up a deliverer to deliver (Exo2)
1. God rescued Moses from the waters (Exo2:1-10)
2. God waited for the right timing to save (Exo2:11-24)