God First, People Second, then the Earth (5th)Set Free from Chaos, Enter into God’s Abundance

Verse : Romans 8:15-32

1. Set Free from Chaotic Identity v.15-18
A. Spirit of Slavery vs. Heart of Sonship v.15
B. The Holy Spirit bears witness to our Sonship v.16
C. Co-heirs with Christ in Suffering and Glory v.17-18

2. Set Free from Bondage of Corruption v.19-27
A.  Groaning of Futility vs. Whispering of the H.S. v.19-23
B. Wait with patience, Set Eye on the Glorious Future v.24-25
C.  Listen to the H.S., pray to let Miracles happen v.26-27

3. Enter into the Undefeatable Plan of God v.28-32
A. All things work together vs. Self-Reliance v.28
B. Undefeatable Plan of God v.29-30
C. Vision of Inheriting the Earth v.31-32