Return to the path of submission

譚淑儀牧師 Pastor Debby
約書亞記 Joshua 7

一、不要走不信的路 (1-5)
Do not take the path of unfaithfulness
a. 貪心之路,惹神發怒 (1)
The path of covetousness, God is angry
b. 人意之路,不蒙喜悅(2-5)
The path of man’s will, God is displeased

二、不要落在咒詛中 (6-15)
Do not fall into curse

三、面對問題,重回順服 (16-26)
Facing trouble, return to submission
a. 找出問題(16-21)
Identify the trouble
b. 解決問題(22-26)
Settle the trouble